Let's Make Sure Your Browser is Set Up Correctly
The determination has been made that your computer has not yet been approved access to ERMA. If you believe this to be in error follow the steps below to ensure your computer's internet browser is properly setup. Once you make the adjustments to your browser settings, close Internet Explorer and open it back up to commit the changes.
Is ERMA in Trusted Sites?
We need to make sure that ERMA is located in the Trusted Sites group within Internet Options for your browser. Follow these steps to ensure this:
Are the Custom Levels Setup Correctly?
Apart from ERMA needing to be in "Trusted Sites", there are a couple more internet settings we need to ensure are properly configured. Follow these steps to ensure this:
You're Done!
Following the previous steps should ensure that your computer is properly configured. If you are still experiencing problems gaining access to ERMA, contact the CCS Helpdesk by phone at (866) 631-0051 or by email at helpdesk@ccstenn.com. Thank you.